This African village had never seen a white person, until that special day in 2004 when the village imam spotted a young, white, blonde woman at the side of the track … and she offered to do business with them!  

Sylvie Meliet’s digital biography is a source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs. Sylvie explains what has guided her constantly and successfully in both her personal and professional life, the key factors of her success, how she manages to get reality stick to her vision.

For 20 years Sylvie Méliet suffered from psoriasis. The founder of the Mascareignes Laboratories thought she’d tried everything possible to combat it. With every new remedy she wanted to find a way to soothe her skin, or at least control her condition.

Remarkably, she discovered in a small, remote village in Guinea a traditional skin treatment made entirely of plant extracts. That was in 2004. Within a month the symptoms of her psoriasis, which had previously covered ten per cent of her body, had disappeared.

For Sylvie this was a turning point. It inspired her to make the treatment available to everyone suffering from the same irritating skin condition. This led to the birth of the Mascareignes Laboratories, where she developed a range of skincare treatments whose main ingredient is carapa procera, a plant which grows in the African savannah.

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